Designing, Machining And Supplying Drilling Products

Having been engaged in the drill tool field for about 17 years, Wuxi Caston is an expert supplier of HDD tools, drill pipes, sonde housing, DTH drilling tools, drill rod, drill bits, as well as other drilling tools. We are located in Wuxi, a city near Shanghai and Suzhou. Now our drill tools have found wide application in oil drilling, water well drilling, coal mining exploration, geological drilling, geothermal well development, and pile foundation, etc. Details

  • Pipe Selection
    Forging and Heating
    Pipe Upsetting
    Pipe End Roughing
    Quenching and Tempering
    Flaw Detection

  • In Caston, all of the drilling tools are manufactured in conformity with API standards, ensuring the quality of our products. We have introduced magnetic particle detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, screw detector, concentricity tester, hardness tester, and wall thickness tester into the inspection system to inspect the physical and mechanical performance of the drill tools.