Expanding Hole Opener

  •  Expanding Hole Opener
  •  Expanding Hole Opener
  •  Expanding Hole Opener
  •  Expanding Hole Opener

1. Water nozzle
2. Metal pellets
3. Middle part
4. Front part
5. Shaft
6. Back handle
7. Rear head
8. Back part
9. Wear resistant area

Model D L N W f H φ t T-shaped structure Kg
KTK60J-B70 300-600 166-480 60 110 48 30 32 70 50 × 5 55-125
KTK73-B90 300-1000 70 110 55 40 42 90 65 × 5 60-308
KTK73L-B92 300-1000 70 110 55 40 42 92 72 × 5 60-308
Details of squeeze expanding reamer

Surface of reamer is designed to be smooth to reduce resistance;
High-strength steel plate is adopted for the curved head, with the wall thickness to be 12-18mm

The straight strip area of the reamer is welded to be wear resistant to extend the reamer's life;
Length of the wear resistant region is customizable;
The straight strip area will squeeze the wall to improve the wall's strength as the reamer rotates;
The reamer is formed from high-strength steel plate with a wall thickness of 12-18mm

The perfect combination of conical and the strip part helps to reduce resistance when the reamer works;
The conical body and the straight part are welded into a piece so the conical part will bear more load;
The high-strength wear resistant welded strip has largely extended the reamers' life

Cutters of the reamer are welded from high-strength alloy;
Each cutter is designed with a nozzle to cool them down and protect the cutters;
Users can apply nozzles with different diameter according to different construction conditions

The reamer and rod connector is connected with all-direction sleeve nut for easy assembly;
The coupling of all-direction sleeve nut and tubing joint is in line with API standards;
The external reinforcement and mandrel can bear the force;

For more details about fluted reamer please refer to:

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