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Other Drilling Supplies

Part-Time Driving System

The part-time driving system is consisted of hydraulic motor, output device, and hydraulic shift structure. It works by equipping an additional driving device to the horizontal directional output system of the drilling machine, and modifying the single-shaft power output into double shaft type. The output mode includes 1st and 2nd gear. Under the 1st gear, the inside and outside drill rod rotates together, and only the inside one will rotate under the 2nd gear. Comparing with traditional single-shaft drill rig, this system has attached a group of power selection mode into its design so it will be more flexible for various applications in construction sites.
The hydraulic shift structure is set before the power system to realize a part-time drive of the inside and outside drill pipe, saving a large amount of cost for modifying the drill rig.

To improve the working efficiency, the inside and outside drill pipe's torque is managed to be the same. This part features easy operation and low failure rate.
Caston offers clients one-stop solution according to the brand and model of clients' drill rig.

Rotating Type Hydration Tank

The rotating type hydration tank is able to mixes mud into liquid state uniformly in 6-8 minutes. This mixing process will contribute to max mud utilization, saving the construction cost dramatically.

Model Dimension (mm) Volume (m3) Flow rate (m3 /h) Head (m) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
DTSHG20 7500*2200*2500 20 200 35 55 7830
DTSHG12 600*2100*2450 12 150 35 37 5620
Rotating Water Seal

This kind of water seal is a patented device in Caston. It adopts 2 bearings to achieve a high positioning accuracy of the water seal shaft, preventing that the seals are wore more intensely under the radial force. Besides, 2 sealing rings are set inside the combination seal on both sides to block those large particles from entering the system.

Rotary Mud Supply Nozzle

The rotary mud supply nozzle for the mud spraying system benefits the system when the drill rig or the targeted point rotates or moves. It is made of wear resistant material and adopts sealing device.

Roller Stand for Holding Up Pipeline

This is an auxiliary device in the HDD construction to hold up the pipelines and reduce the resistance in dragging pipes back. Different specifications are available upon the pipeline weight, diameter and length.

Output Shaft

We equip output shaft for clients' drill rig. The main shaft is all direction type, and the flange is of good transmission stability.

Among the directional drilling tools, we offer drill rig accessories, including downhole drilling tools, oil drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, mine drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, deep well drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality drilling tools for global customers.

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