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Horizontal Directional Drilling Tools, HDD Tools

Horizontal directional drilling, also known as directional drilling, or horizontal boring is a cost efficient construction trenchless method being used for underground installation of pipelines or cables in a variety of sizes and materials. This construction method allows for minimal surface impact on the roads and streets comparing with traditional trenching or excavating.

    1. Drill Pipe
      Single wall drill pipe in Kaitong is made from special pipes used for petroleum. With a unique pipe end upsetting technique, the ends of our drill pipe are in line with API 5D standards
      The heat treatment for pipes allows for a steel grade of G105 or S135.
    1. Directional Drill Bits
      The HDD sonde housings are connected in either directly-linked or all-direction linked styles
      The signal rod is side mounted or back mounted
      Multi-link design will be adopted according to the construction needs of different users
    1. Directional Drilling Blades
      HDD paddle bit is casted from high strength wear resistant material in Kaitong
      A wear resistant region is set to extend the blade’s life and improve the working efficiency
    1. Hole Opener
      HDD reamers are available in rock reamers, fluted reamer, squeeze expanding reamer, rotary cutting reamer, and barrel reamer.
    1. Directional Drilling Swivels
      HDD swivel is generally divided into double/single eye type. Single-eye swivel is suitable for the heavy-load rotation and coupling. With shackle on the swivel, there will be an auto adjustment space for the coupling part to protect the accessories.
    1. Pipe Puller
      The pin and box pulling eyes in Kaitong are made from heat-treated steel bars. The thread surface is given nitriding or laser treatment to enhance the hardness. Users can choose the specific specification of HDD pulling eye according to the load and thread.
    1. Drill Sub
      Kaitong produces sub saver from steel bars with tempering and quenching technique. The thread surface is given nitriding or laser treatment to enhance the hardness. Length of sub saver is upon clients’ needs.
    1. Other Drilling Supplies
      The part-time driving system is consisted of hydraulic motor, output device, and hydraulic shift structure. It works by equipping an additional driving device to the horizontal directional output system of the drilling machine, and modifying the single-shaft power output into double shaft type.

Advantages of Trenchless Technology over Traditional Trenching Methods

1. Minimal impact on the roads or streets makes construction cost efficient during installation of pipelines or cables.

2. Comparing with trenching methods, the pipelines or cables can be installed more deeply with trenchless technology. This means the possibilities of damaging the existed underground utilities such as pipes, duct and cables will be minimized or even eliminated.

3. Deeper installations for pipes, cables and other underground utilities save money comparing to traditional trenching methods.

Why choose our Horizontal Directional Drilling Tools?

1. Complete Product Types

Whatever you need drill pipe, directional drill bits, pipe puller and hole opener, we have all high quality directional drill products to meet various underground jobs.

2. Assured Quality

We are equipped with advanced production equipment such as 600t intelligent friction welding machine, joint thread laser treatment equipment manufacture our directional drill products. Before leaving factory, more than 10 tests will be carried out on each product, including metallographic examination, ultrasonic testing, impact testing and more. Therefore, we are always confident to provide you directional drill products with high quality.

3. Customization Service

With specialized knowledge of the industry and vast experience, we are an expert in directional drill products. This allows us to customize the product based on your requirements to meet all your actual construction needs. Find the products you need in our product catalog. For custom built products, please don't hesitate to contact with us. We are an experienced manufacturer of horizontal directional drilling tools. We are sure to provide you with products you need.

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