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Developing History

Our general manager, Xu Wenhong, created Xuanhua Xiandai Excavating Machinery Company in 1999, aiming at making horizontal directional drilling rigs and drilling pipes.

We developed the first horizontal directional drilling rig under the brand of Caston, and put it on the market.

In this year, our focus was mainly put on producing various drill tools, including horizontal directional drill pipes, well drill pipes, DTH drilling tools, anchor drill pipes, HDD rescue pipes, oil drill pipes, and other auxiliary drilling tools.

The backwards extrusion and drill pipe forming technique, and the double torsion step connector technique were developed and applied in production.

Caston entered into cooperation with Beijing Weimeng Technology Company, and produced drill pipes with the largest diameter in the Chinese drilling industry for them.

Wuxi Caston Drill Tool Co., Ltd. was officially established. The same year, to better tap the international market, we founded Beijing Caston Drill Technology Co., Ltd. and created developing and marketing center.

We cooperated with Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction & Mining Equipment Ltd, and Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. to offer drill pipes for their drilling rigs.

Caston established cooperative relationship with XCMG, the largest construction machinery supplier in China.

We moved to a new factory and introduced automatic manufacturing equipment to meet the increasing production demands.

Caston created a postgraduate workstation with Xi'an Shiyou University to offer technical support for our production.

The commissioning test for the intelligent 600t friction welding machine which was developed cooperatively by Caston and the Harbin Welding Institute was finished, indicating that Caston has made the welding lathe with the capacity of producing drill pipes with the world's largest diameter: 300mm, and grasped the welding technique for large-diameter dill pipes.

On April 7th, 2016, we were awarded with the API-5DP quality management system certificate by the American Petroleum Institute. Certificate No.: 5DP-0227