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As the dramatically increasing demand of deep-hole core drilling, it has raised more and more restrict requirements on the performance and reliability on rope coring drill tools.

S75-SF rope coring drill tool employs double elastic clamp structure, which helps to enhance the security of the suspension structure, improve the delivery and salvage speed of inner pipe assembly, reduce the pressure fluctuation of flushing fluid, as well as cut on the pressure loss of mud pump.

This drill tool is designed to reinforce the stability of the wall of drilled holes in complex formation. The general pipe assembly is connected with the inner core tube in an interlocking way, which makes it convenient for disassembly and drilling. The coring drill tool shows great performance in lowering worker's labor intensity, and improving working efficiency. It can meet the harsh requirements in deep-hole drilling construction.

Among the downhole drilling tools, we offer core drilling tools and other drill rig accessories, including directional drilling tools, oil drilling tools, mine drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality core drilling tools and other drilling supplies for global customers.

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