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Down the Hole Drilling Tools, DTH Tools

Down the hole drilling (short for DTH drilling) found wide drilling applications in the construction industry. Caston offers high quality drilling tools to improve your drilling efficiency for saving money. A complete range of drill tools are available in our company. A variety of drilling jobs can be done with our drill products, including DTH drilling, rotary drilling, top hammer drilling and more. It's the big challenge for us to offer powerful drilling tools to get all types of drilling jobs done. But taking advantages of our specialized knowledge of the industry and extensive experience, we are confident to provide you with dependable drilling tools for your projects. Below are some products we ever made. If you have any doubt for our products, please feel free to contact with our team.

    1. Rotary Drill Rod
      The multiple drill rods generate multi-layer internal circulation channel, which works to deliver air and liquid, as well as to accelerate and to guarantee the flow and ejection of debris mixture.
    1. Downhole Drilling Adapter
      Kaitong DTH adapter sub is made from steel bars with tempering and quenching technique.
      The thread surface is given nitriding or laser treatment to enhance its hardness.
    1. Casing Centralizer
      DTH centralizer is forged from steel bars, with heat treatment given
      The centralizer surface is embedded with high-strength tool joints uniformly; with the centralizer wall kept smooth.
    1. Downhole Drill Pipe
      The joints are given forging, and quenching and tempering treatment. Our drill pipes are fabricated from oil pipes in conformity with API standards, with the 2 pipe ends given internal thickening and heat treatment, which contributes to a steel grade of S135.
    1. Core Drilling Tools
      S75-SF rope coring drill tool employs double elastic clamp structure, which helps to enhance the security of the suspension structure, improve the delivery and salvage speed of inner pipe assembly, reduce the pressure fluctuation of flushing fluid, as well as cut on the pressure loss of mud pump.

We are a reliable downhole drilling tools manufacturer and drill rig accessories supplier in China, offer a wide range of oil drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, mine drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, heavy engineering drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality downhole drilling tools and other drilling supplies for global customers.