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Oil Drilling Tools

Caston is a specialized enterprise in providing high quality oil drilling tools and service. Various drilling tools are available to meet your well drilling job, including oil drilling pipe, drilling stabilize and drill bit.

    1. Oil Drill Pipe
      Outer flat drill rod is applicable in special well drilling and oilfield maintenance. A pipe upsetting treatment is employed for the pipe body to ensure that the outer diameter of thickened end, the joint outer diameter, and the outer diameter of pipe is the same.
    1. Drilling Stabilizer
      Drilling stabilizer is an important tool for preventing well deviation in the drilling projects of petroleum, natural gas, and geological exploration. The mechanical performance of our drilling stabilizer is in accordance with API Spec 7.
    1. Drill Bit
      Tricone drill bit employs floating bearing structure, which is fabricated from high-strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, and high wear resistance material, the surface of which is coated with solid lubricants. Apart from reducing the relative speed of bearing, and blocking the temperature rise on friction surface, the drill bit can effectively improve the bearing life and reliability under high-speed drilling condition.

We know high security and high efficiency is critical to the drilling jobs, so we established a complete inspection system for our drilling tools. We have experienced and responsible quality inspectors and a complete range of inspection machines. Now our company is ISO9001 and API certified. In addition, we have cooperated with lots of customers from America and Europe.

Due to vast experience and specialized knowledge of industry, we not only provide you with drilling tools being used for oil drilling, but also offer you one-stop drilling solutions. Don't hesitate to contact with us for your projects.

We are a reliable oil drilling tools manufacturer and drill rig accessories supplier in China, offer a wide range of directional drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, mine drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality oil drilling tools and other drilling supplies for global customers.