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600T intelligent friction welding machine

600T intelligent friction welding machine is jointly produced by Caston and Harbin Welding Research Institute. The equipment is able to complete welding of the workpiece with the maximum diameter of 300mm. 600T intelligent friction welding machine is the first friction welding equipment with the largest friction welding diameter in China.

Wear-resistant belt surfacing welder
Our wear-resistant belt surfacing welder is applicable for surfacing welding of all kinds of wear-resistant belt, including SMOOTH-X 6000 series of wear-resistant belts that cause less wear to drill casing. We also finish surfacing welding of ARMACOR-M and ARNCO100XT, ARNCO200XT, ARNCO300XT series of we-resistant belts according to customers’ requirements.

The 6000 series wear-resistant belt surfacing welder carries out surfacing welding and hardening of easy-to-wear 3--1 / 2 parts of the drill pipe joint. The unique surfacing process ensures high wear resistance of belts and the wear to drill casing is less.

1000CYJ thickening unit

1000CYJ thickening unit is mainly comprised of intermediate frequency heating furnace, C-type hydraulic thickening machine, automatic feeding line, and automatic water cooling unit. The 1000 CYJ thickening unit is characterized by excellent stability and molding speed. It is suitable for thickening ends of various tubes that are compliant with API 5D requirements.

630LYJ thickening unit

630LYJ thickening unit mainly consists of intermediate frequency heating furnace, column-type hydraulic thickening machine, automatic feeding/discharging line, and cooling water circulating device and so on. 630LYJ thickening unit achieves continuous and efficient thickening of steel pipe with a high degree of mechanization and automation.

Thread processing equipment
We are equipped with Great Wall CNC machine tools for finishing of screw thread. The advanced thread processing equipment ensures smoothness of the thread surface and tight tolerance of screw thread.

Multifunctional quenching and tempering equipment
Multifunctional controlled atmosphere heat treatment equipment carries out quenching and tempering of the tool joints to ensure relatively full tempered martensite transformation of each workpiece, thus greatly improving the mechanical properties of the joints.

Heat extruder

We use 1250T hydraulic press for forging the joint. The metallographic fiber structure of the material and the impact toughness are improved, thus the joint mechanical properties are ensured.

Joint thread laser treatment equipment

Laser quenching technology is a process in which focused laser beam completes rapid heating of steel material surface and causes phase change, and finally realizes the formation of martensite quenched hard layer. Laser quenching features high power density and high cooling speed. It does not need water, oil and other cooling medium, so the process of laser quenching is clean and fast. Compared with induction hardening, flame quenching and carburizing quenching, laser quenching has uniform hardening layer and high hardness (generally 1-3HRC higher than induction hardening), and it causes less deformation of workpiece. The heating depth and heating trajectory are easy to control, so laser quenching is easy to realize automation. Unlike induction quenching, laser quenching does not need to be designed with different induction rings according to the various parts sizes. Unlike carburizing quenching, laser quenching is suitable for various furnaces with different sizes. Laser quenching is gradually replacing induction hardening and chemical heat treatment in many industries. The deformation of workpiece before and after laser quenching is almost negligible, so laser quenching is particularly suitable for surface treatment of high-precision parts. The depth of the hardened layer is generally within the range of 0.3-2.0 mm in line with the parts composition, size and shape, and the laser process parameters.

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Production line

400T hybrid friction welding machine
Caston is furnished with eight friction welding machines, including one 30T, one 40T, one 60T, two 80T, one 130T, one 200T, and one 400T friction welding machine. We adopt continuous inertia friction welding technology and detect the welding parameters through the computer to ensure welding quality. We also use deformation heat treatment technology. The welding heat and forging lead to deformation of objects. The welding machine automatically sprays for quenching and it is supplemented by tempering process. The whole process realizes the excellent welding structure with the international highest performance indicators. The punching of inner edge and grinding of inner and outer welds eliminate the concentration of welding stress, so that the welds are beautiful and tidy. Therefore, the service life of the drill rod is extended.

L708 quenching and tempering unit

The advanced L708 quenching and tempering unit is composed of quenching machine, tempering machine and automatic control system. Compared with traditional box furnace, the quenching and tempering unit is advantageous in heat treatment after thickening of oil pipe. The quenching and tempering unit enjoys a leading technology in the world.