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General Manager

Our general manager, Xu Wenhong, once majored in Engineering and Construction Machinery, has been engaged in the drilling and mining industry for over 20 years. He has a wealth of theoretical and practical experience, and has published a large number of research papers and obtained several patents.

a. Drill Pipe Expanding Technique
b. Drill Pipe Backward Extrusion and Expanding Technique
c. CNC Laser Heat Treatment for Trenchless Drill Pipe Joints
d. Research on 600t Friction Welding Machine (developing a large friction welding machine independently)
e. Research on Friction Welding Machine for Heavy Load Oil Drill Pipe and the Technique of Deformation after Heat Treatment (won the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements by the National Mechanical Science and Technology Research Institute)

In researching horizontal directional drilling tools (HDD) and construction methods, Mr.Xu has developed a time-sharing driving technique and double-wall directional drilling bit to lower the cost and risk in drilling construction.
a. Thread Forming Technique for Directional Drilling Tools
b. A Long-Lasting Wireless Replacement Probe Device for Wired Probes
c. Spectral Type Directional Rock Drilling Bit
d. Time-Sharing Driving Method for the Power Output of Drilling Rig
e. Double-Wall Horizontal Directional Drill Bits